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im thorrbo. It only makes sense that has a dab of focus on me, not just my stream.
The original Thorrbo was my father, whom I love very much. His (moderately) famous EverQuest Paladin was named Thorrbo. So as I joke, I rolled my own Paladin in World of Warcraft and stol the name from him. I had no intention of playing it seriously.

Things kinda snowballed.

Most people know me from World of Warcraft (Whisperwind, Dalvengyr, Anetheron, Mal'Ganis, Dalvengyr, Boulderfist, in that order.) On Whisperwind(PvE) I did the majority of my (vanilla) Grand Marshal grind. I talked (trolled) World Defense chat almost constantly, forcing the majority of my server to either deal with it or put me on ignore.

Blizzard eventully opened up free server transfers to go from Whisperwind(PvE) to a new server - Dalvengyr(PvP). Being as focused on PvP as I was, it was an easy decision to take the free ride over. Most of the people I played with came with me. On Dalvengyr I cleaned up my Grand Marshal grind (server first :>) and basically just did Warsong Gulch for the rest of vanilla.
When Burning Crusade was announced, myself and a few friends decided to give PvE a shot. Every well-established guild on the server hated me.  I had handfuls of friends everywhere but as a whole my humor is rarely tolerated. We made the switch to Anetheron - a very small server with very bad players and overall my time on Anetheron was a very boring experience.

I don't do well with boredom.

So I came up with the bright idea to go to Mal'Ganis - like everyone else in S3. I made a few friends, pushed 2.2 in every bracket but couldn't cinch Gladiator. OH WELL, I had a great time. When Wrath was announced my asshole buddy Splitter convinced me to go back to Dalvengyr.

So I did.

Thorrbo was taken though (as was Splitter) so I took on the role of Thorra the Explorer, female qt Paladin extraordinare (Splitter taking on the persona of Salty Splitoris.) Most people still remembed Thorrbo on Dalvengyr - but not Thorra. So I sat in trade all day, every day, and said
"im thorrbo"

and after a few days of this, most people followed suit and "im thorrbo" became it's own little Dalvengyr meme. How cute.

Eventually I ticketed a GM about a female gnome NPC sexually harassing me. I made him laugh and he gave me my name back.

While on Dalvengyr in Wrath of the Lich King I met up with my two old Rank 13/14 friends - Expatriate (Now Tichondrius - Trexpatriate) and Galoot (Still Galoot.) We decided to run some 3s. We pushed top 20 running Ret/Arms Warrior/Resto Druid. But as per every season we got cocky and clocked out in Duelist - Expat and Galoot picking up Gladiator in 2s the last season it was available. We tanked down tosay, oh, 65th. On the last night of the season I got this crazy idea to go Prot.

So I did.

We had an 80%~ win ratio that night, but it still wasnt enough for Glad. Next season we stuck with the plan - me playing Prot instead of Ret. I was the first Prot Paladin to break 2600 - I posted constantly on ArenaJunkies and the Paladin forums, answered questions about the spec day and night, and streamed every single game we played. We held top 25 the entire season, most of that being top 10. We farmed down the original TSG (2008 Blizzcon Winners -Zileas, Veex, Vargoth) for points and I even had him rageblog about me. Rather, how stupid OP Prot was.

At the end of the season, Blizzard froze the arena ladders, showing us at 14th. Top 36~ is Glad, so we assumed we were safe.

We weren't.

We ended up placing 37th, missing Glad by 6 points. Relentless Duelist Thorrbo wsup. We didn't do too much work in S8. On the other hand I was doing small time PvE with some friends, Lich King 10 and such. Nothing too big, but I had fun.
Towards the end of Wrath I went Horde. I joined Rising Storm. We did some PvE stuff. The guild leader was an idiot and disbanded the guild - I took a gamble on a 'fresh' start and lost. I ended up going back to Alliance. Did some RBG's with the small-nested community there. The guy who ran them and I didn't get along, so I transferred to Boulderfist to continue doing RBG's.

That's where I'm at now. I picked up a top 5 5v5 slot, but I don't play too much Warcraft as of late.
Still, though - a couple times a month I'll run into somebody. "Oh my god, are you, like, Dalvengyr Thorrbo?"
It doesn't really get old.